Tokyo Lindy Hop Academy is swing dance school based in Tokyo
which provides various classes and lessons from basic to advanced.

TLHA Management policy

  • Respect free expression and for various styles
  • Respect for vintage dance in the early 1900s
  • Making Lindy Hop a welcoming mass culture
  • Improve the level of the swing dance in Tokyo
  • Bringing up leaders contribute to of the future of swing & Lindy Hop in Tokyo
  • Practicing solo jazz for individual expression
  • Learning the communication of heart and body through lead & follow
  • Developing natural encounter and human relationship
  • Improve physical strength and mental health


Yusuke Toyama

Swing Dance / Lindy Hop / Performer / Instrucor
Tokyo Lindy Hop Academy Organizer
Experienced Instructor based in Tokyo.

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Studio Sun and Moon

Near Yotsuya 3-Chome Station.
Clean studio recently renovated.
This is the venue for SOCIAL CLASS and SHOW CLASS no Thursday.

Studio website

Shinjuku BMT (A studio)

Near Okubo staion.
This studio is also recently renovated and became larger. This is the venue for OPEN and SOCAIL CLASS on Monday. Please be sure that this studio has no sign and not so easy to find.

Studio website