Yusuke Toyama
Swing Dance / Lindy Hop / Performer / Instructor
Tokyo Lindy Hop Academy Organizer

He started playing musical instruments when he was young and started his activitie as a jazz drummer when he was in university. Once he took a leave of the university, he traveled around in Canada and United States of America then and had much experience as a musian.
After came back from Canada, he played for a swing dance party for the first time and was so attracted by the situation that everybody shares and enjoys the music and rhythm.
From then, he has been dancing and started teaching some years later. Now he has much experience for teaching and shows in Tokyo and other places in Japan, furthermore he won some comepetitions and got a favorable reception by doing workshops in US.

Activities and Performance examples

  • Instruction / Omaha Jamborama 2018 USA
  • Music Video "SUPER FLY" / Exile the Second
  • Music Video "famia / sumika
  • L’homme de ma vie 〜となりあわせのパズル〜 / waffles
  • Blue Moon Lounge Regular Performer (2014~)
  • Boys Collection 2018 in Budokan
  • Dancing Bus Instructor (2012~)
  • Camp Swing it in Korea 2011, 2012 (as a drummer)
  • 2010-2011 iSwingTokyo (リンディーホップ)


  • 3rd Place: Open Lindy Draw / International Lindy Hop Championship
  • 1st Place: Solo Jazz Contest / Omaha Jamborama 2018 USA
  • Finalist: Amateur Classic Lindy / National Jitterbug Championship 2018 LA USA
  • 1st Place: Solo Jazz Contest / Omaha Jamborama 2017 USA
  • 1st Place: Luck of Draw Contest / Omaha Jamborama 2017 USA
  • Finalist: Open Lindy Roulette / Lindy On The Rocks 2017 USA
  • Finalist: Solo Vintage Jazz & Charleston / Lindy On The Rocks 2017 USA
  • Finalist: Amateur Lindy / National Jitterbug Championship 2017 LA USA
  • 1st Place: Amateur Jack and Jill / Lindy on the Rocks 2016 USA
  • Finalist: Solo Jazz Contest / Lindy on the Rocks 2016 USA

Performing Videos