Swing Dance
for Your Wedding

Dance as you two wish
Your own first dance.

What's First Dance?

It the dance bride and groom do togather in wedding party.
It's common in western countries and still rare in Japan, but in recent years, couples adopt first dance more and more.


Why is first dance so good?

First of all, dancing is fun for no reason and is not a thing to be perfect all the time. It express how you two are conected and how you are happy together and with all the guest in the reception. It will probably be some stress as you practice but be your and your partner's irreplaceable work for all rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is not much time. Is it possible?
It's good to have more than 3 month before the party, but we can make it short or easy choreography to match the situation. Hopefully you contact us as early as you can.
We have no experience for dansing. Is it OK?
Yes, it's fine. The instructor has tought many beginners for wedding dance. If you have things that you particularly try to do, it's more likely to be managed if you start earlier.
When and where is the lesson settled?
The venue and schedule will be decided by email. Please feel free to contact us.
Your Nameお名前
Phone Number電話番号
When is the party? If it is settled.式の日程
What you want to ask.メッセージ