Norma Miller and ILHC 2019


Let me introduce about ILHC 2019 and Norma Miller.

Norma Miller is known as a member of Whitey Lindy Hoppers which is famous for swing dance scene in the movie "Hellzapoppin".

She passed away on May 5, 2019 at 99 years old and all of lindy hop in the world got shocked and prayed that her soul rests in peace. ILHC was used to held in summer until 2018, but in 2019, it was held in Novembe because 2nd December 2019 was her 100 years old birthday.

Norma Miller used to teach a routine called Trickeration around the world, and in ILHC 2019, there was a project called The Global Trickeration project. Dancers in many countries took their video of trickeration and sent to ILHC and they integrated those videos to one viodeo.

They also raise donation to build a monument for Norma like as frankie Manning and successfully gathered more than 10,000 dollers.

Thank you everyone who joined this donatioin.

In 2018, I had a chance to see Norma in Minneapolis. She was so powerful that I couldn't believe I was 98 years old.

Thank the Queen of Swing very much for the great performance she left and traning many Lindy Hoppers in the world.

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